Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gerrys Art Nouveau Block

I have just finished up a block for Gerry in the Art Nouveau DYB at CQI.  I showed a sneak peek earlier of the first motif I did on this block.  This is the second one, some carnations in the corner of the block.  This and all the other motifs I did came from a Dover Art Nouveau transfer book.  I am glad I had it in my collection since Gerry requested all flowers and my knowledge of Art Nouveau flowers was somewhat lacking.  I used two strands of DMC cotton floss for the greenery.  The stems are done in chain stitch and the other bits are satin stitch.  After working with one strand on the last motif, the two strands seemed kind of clunky to work with.  The blossoms are done in a pink variegated silk thread in a rather sad attempt at long and short stitch.  Definitely need more practice on that stitch!
This next motif with the heart shaped flowers is entirely done in stem stitch, using silk buttonhole thread.

I liked this one!  Silk buttonhole thread was used again:  stem stitch for the lines, satin stitch for the rest.  Love the purple!

Here is the finished block with the four motifs.  I hope Gerry likes it - it was a bit of a struggle for me.  I did three seam treatments as well:  one green mini-ric rac attached with silk buttonhole thread in zigzag chain stitch, some silk Gloriana Princess Petite Perle buttonhole semi-circles in a gold variegated and finally just a wandering bit of green fiber that I thought was pretty.  The blocks are off in the mail to Margreet now and hopefully the post office will be quick this time. I do not worry too much about any problems with the block because I know Gerry will feel free to tweak it and fix any inadequacies on my part.

The other block in this set that is already finished was done by Hideko - it is wonderful!  You can check out what she did with some gorgeous oyas here on her blog.


Laurie said...

I don't know Kerry, they all look fantastic to me! I'm doing a monogram C, and hope it turns out good. Beautiful work!

Cathy K said...

This turned out just beautifully, Kerry! You did a superb job of those flowers - I’m jealous! Way to go!
Hugs, Cathy