Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

I am thinking about teaching a mini workshop in crazy quilting for my guild in Calgary and was asked if there was something we could do in the way of a Christmas ornament.  Well, I knew I had made some in the past so I went looking and found these photos.  I had forgotten all about these since they were all given away. Of course, I have no cq ornaments on my own tree! lol It is certainly fun to look back at what I was making five years ago. Wow - where did the time go? I didn't think I had been doing cq that long - time sure flies when you are in the throes of such a glorious obsession!

This one is pretty glitzy with the velvets and lame - quite rich looking.  I do like the pine bough motif on the toe.  The velvet in the middle was pre-embroidered in the gold when I bought it.

This little mitt was done in cottons.  The date on here is how I knew how long ago I made this and how long I have been cq'ing.

Apparently I made this one for Flora - I wonder if she still has it?  Even back then I was putting on the spider web and spider as a traditional wish for luck.
Another little stocking - this one a mix of cottons and fancy fabrics.  I liked these pine boughs - here's another one. I wonder if I copied it from something Hideko did - it looks vaguely Japanese to me.   I like the beaded feather stitch near the top.

Golds, silks and lame by the looks of it.  Here`s a hint for anyone wanting to add lame to their cq project.  Back it in iron on interfacing before you attempt to sew it - much easier!  I learned that tip from my buddy, Barb Stuart, when I took a class from her years ago making a pieced log cabin Christmas tree skirt.  Thanks Barb! 
Oh-la-la!  Look at the lace at the top!  lol - nowadays I would likely have dyed that before using it.  I do like the silk ribbon mistletoe motif on the toe though!

Another stocking - more cottons with some lame and moire.  More pin boughs and mistletoe and another sad attempt at a SRE poinsettia.  I must have just been starting to build my stash when I made these - it looks like the little gold hearts are the only charms I had!

Same old, same old!  Something new on this one though - a mother of pearl button snowman!  How cute is he?  lol  I sure wasn`t much for seam treatments back in the day - looks like I used trim whenever I could.
Well, thanks for joining me on this little trip down Memory Lane - I think I am inspired to make more of these now and keep them for myself!  Or..... can you imagine them in miniature?


Barb said...

Those are just lovely....

Bellesanbeaus said...

Thank you so much for posting are killing my 2 birds with one stone...I so want to try cq and need to get started with Christmas presents...these fit both bills! Yours are lovely...let's see how mine turn out. I have been stockpiling info on cq but never have seen the hint about lame...thank you very much! Have an awesome week...big hugs Beth

MosaicMagpie said...

I am working on a small heart pillow and Beth (bellesanbeaus) asked if I had seen these ornaments. Of course I had to come right over. So cute and a surprising amount of work on them. Just because something is small, does not mean quick. Great job.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Kerry those are beautiful !!!

Time does fly by...I have been seeing a resurgence of ribbon work and found some kits in my sewing bag... from 1995 !!! Guess I need to work on them :))

Your work is just amazing.


Laurie said...

These are really cute Kerry, I've made little stockings but not in cq, but have done full size boot cq stockings. Now I'm in the mood for some Christmas projects!

Rachel said...

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun!