Monday, August 16, 2010

Notes from the Lake

This is such a clever idea I saw in one of the campsites this weekend.  If I come back and do this again next year, I want one!!  First of all it starts with a special tent designed for a shower.  It is tall enough to stand up in and not very big.  I have seen single ones before but this is the first I have seen that has two rooms side by side:  a changing room and a shower room!  Even better is the apparatus he has designed to go with it.

This bit of construction, which looks like a hangman's scaffold, is built to come apart and go together very easily, of cedar which makes the whole thing very light and very portable.
There is an actual household shower head running into the shower tent - one of the type on the flexible metal hose.  This is then attached to one of the blue plastic five gallon water jugs full of water, balanced on the platform at the top of the scaffold.  According to the camper who uses this, the height of the scaffold creates good water pressure for a nice shower.  Also, once you open the spigot the blue jug will give you an eight minute shower.  What luxury!  After my fourth summer out here with no running water and having to drive at least half an hour in any given direction to find somewhere for a shower I think this would be the cat's pajamas!!  Don`t people come up with just the cleverest ideas!?


Laurie said...

Now that's some creative thinking Kerry! What a genius idea!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I had to show it to my hubby. He too thought it was a great idea. I cant believe you have to drive so far for a shower. I hope you get one of these for next year :):):)

Ann Flowers