Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AAQI World Series Quilt Challenge

Once again this year the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) is holding their World Series Quilt Challenge.  You need to head over and check out these gorgeous quilts more closely and read all about them.  Last year over $11,000.00 was raised for Alzheimers research with this event and this year I expect them to raise even more!  I can't decide which is my favourite?  Judy Mathieson's Scarlet and Indigo?  Rhapsody for Remembering by Ricky Tims?  Or it might be John Flynn's Heart of the Storm!  Hmmm... I might just have to cast more than one vote since I seem to have more than one favourite!  I will be watching with interest when they are auctioned in November which is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. 

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Ami Simms said...

Having photographed and inspected every thread, I can tell you first hand how incredible these quilts are in person. These are masterpiece quilts. Truly awesome. I'm anxious to see which are your readers' favorites! Thanks so much for sharing them!
Ami Simms