Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Girls

What's a day without a post?  What's a post without a photo?  So, as you can see I will use any excuse to show off "the kids", my poms.  The ginger coloured one is my old lady, Nala.  She is quite content to snooze the day away in the trailer.  The little black one is the new puppy, Bear, and she is barely content to sit still for a minute!  DD, Katie, is a little worried how Bear will meld into the pack at home, and in particular with Duke, the bloodhound.  She just shakes her head and tells me; "Great!  She even sounds like a squeak toy!"  I am pretty sure they will all get along though and I know Bear will love having so much more room to tear around in.

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Laurie said...

As a pom owner myself, I have to say they're the cutest dogs on the planet! My little Chip amuses me just by me looking at his face! Aren't they the greatest?