Friday, May 21, 2010

This and That

Well, my first - but not last! - AAQI quilt went off to them in the mail today.  I am very curious now to watch and see if it goes for sale or auction, what kind of price it fetches and whether it makes it into their exhibit or not.  I would be thrilled with that but am not expecting it.  I can't share pictures right now but will later on.

I have been receiving some wonderful mail lately!  Since I only get home once a week to pick up the mail, it is so nice to find lovely squishie envelopes waiting for me.  I receivd all these goodies from my Secret Sister on a sane quilting (as opposed to crazy quilting) group I belong to.  So many fun goodies and great fabrics!
Of course, the handmade items are always the best - look what she made for me.  Isn't this sweet?  I think I forgot to show off the last Secret Sister package I received from this wonderful mystery lady and I really have to cause it had another lovely handmade item - a table runner! 

Isn't it lovely?  It is just perfect for my big dining room table - it looks so great there!
She also sent me these beautiful items for my crazy quilting.  I think it is so thoughtful that even though the Secret Sisters are run out of a "sane" quilting group, she finds items for me to use in my big passion - crazy quilting!  Thank you, Secret Sister, whoever-you-are! 

Did you visit the online needlework show?  I always love looking at all the new items in the designer pages there, and of course I usually enter for the doorprizes as well.  Well, look what I won at the Prairie Grove Peddler booth!  I think this is such a lovely pattern and I hope to work it up this summer.

No wonder I like going to the post office!

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American Quilter's Society said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm a new reader and I look forward to reading more.