Friday, May 7, 2010

The Culprit!

This is MacBeth - one of the litter of feral kittens we rescued from the woodpile in the yard.  I suspected it was MacBeth who had a liking for my varigated perle cottons (I have lost about 10 balls now) but this time I caught him in the act.  This kitten is too clever by far!  I had barely got in the house and set down my stitching box, turned around and caught him with one. 


Jeanne said...

WOW he is really pretty and talented too. :) Good luck with that. Mine like to fight over the fabric while I am sewing, they think they should be able to lay on it while the machine is running. KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

10 balls? What's he doing with them and where is he stashing them?

Karen said...

Gotta love them anyway, dont' ya?? He is so cute.