Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet Pea Motif

I am presently working on a sweet pea flower fairy block and this is the motif I have done on it. I used a pattern from the A - Z of Embroidered Flowers and it is about 2-1/2 inches in diameter.  It took me the better part of two days, lol.  I used the tracing paper method of transferring the pattern, doing the stems and tendrils in stem stitch.  Then the leaves and flower petals were outlined in stem stitch.  After that, I went back and used satin stitch to fill them all in.  Covering the stem stitch with the satin stitch gave it a nice edge and a bit of padding.  It was all done in one strand of DMC cotton floss.  


Momma Bear said...

I'm commenting more on previous posts here though i do admire the sweet peas!)
Your DH did a miracle with the house wow!I am more than impressed!
I bow to your patience to live in a construction area!
I love the diy on the LOV button thank you so much for the wonderful Idea!
and last but not least I find using the old ends to sewing patterns from clothing and such works better for embroidery not as stiff and easier to pick out of the floss line!, I also get better details and not so much is disturbed or pulled out of place when I have to take the paper out or when you have over sewn it it dissolves well after a while.

Cathy said...

Hey, I think I recognize that block! What a beautiful job on the sweet peas.

Karen said...

Love the beautiful work on this block!! One thread, my hero!

Jackie said...

WOWZERS, Kerry -- those sweet pea blossoms are just gorgeous. Love them.