Sunday, May 16, 2010

Notes from the Lake

Well, here I am, back at the lake for the 4th summer now working as a campground host.  Basically what I do here is .... everything!  lol Since I am the only one working here I do everything that needs to be done for this 100 site campground.  I collect the camping fees, enforce the rules (or try to), pick up litter, haul trash to the landfill, keep the outhouses clean, sell firewood, mow the grass, dig out firepits, do minor repairs, etc.  All the physical work does me good I think but ask me after a busy long weekend and I might have another story to tell! lol
Also, I live out here in my trailer at the lake for four months of each year while I am doing this.  No housework or cooking to speak of and long evenings without the television for distraction.  So, I have lots of time in the evenings for stitching, reading, etc.  Right now I am getting ready for the first big weekend of the year next week - the May 24th weekend.  So, I am furiously trying to get everything mowed and the firepits all dug out before then.
The best part of this job, of course, is living at the lake.  The bird life out here is wonderful and I just don`t get that at home.  The quiet is wonderful - and then to wake up to the song of the meadowlark - heaven! 
One thing that my home and the lake do have in common though is the difficulty in keeping trees alive.  The prairie just doesn`t want to support them and so each one that grows successfully, usually a poplar, is a treasure.  So, I was sad to see how many of the trees we do have were cut down by beavers over the winter.  It is especially annoying when they cut down a tree and then decide it is too heavy so don't take them with them like the one in the photo above.

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Cathy K said...

That's so sad about the trees. Is there anything that can be put around them to protect the trees from the beavers? Of course, there are probably too many trees, and I'm sure the beavers aren't talking about which ones they have their eyes on.... Hugs, Cathy