Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back at the Lake

Well, I am back at the lake for my 4th year working as a campground host.  As you can see from the photo, it is not ideal camping weather!!  It has been storming all week since I moved out here for the summer with high winds (100 kph), rain, sleet and now snow for the last two days.  It is so quiet!  The up side of this is that I am getting lots of stitching done!
One of the good parts of coming to the lake is seeing the return visitors.  None of the campers are here yet but I was greeted on my return by the meadowlark singing his heart out.  Also, I have a wonderful pincushion I keep in the trailer to use in the summer and she feels like an old friend when I take her out to use.

She's a bit of a troll but as you can see from her bracelet, she is comfortable that her inner beauty shines out.  She was really beautifully made by Connie and I was fortunate to receive her in a swap at CQI about five years ago.  She is still a favourite of mine and I just wanted to show her off!

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shawkl said...

She should be shown off!! She is adorable!