Monday, May 31, 2010

My Art Bra is Finished at Last!

I finally managed to get my ArtBra finished for The Way to Women's Wellness. This is entitled "Leggo my Gecko" and is dedicated to my wonderful new in-law, Cheryl.  She has battled breast cancer with courage, grace, good spirits and a sense of humour and this is what I was trying to reflect in the bra.  The front is done in dupioni silk and the bra is lined in cotton batik which also covers the straps and sides. The front of the bra is further enbellished with leaves and roses and, of course, the gecko!  lol
If you look closely at the gecko you may recognize this week's buttonhole stitch variation on his backbone - so now you know why this week's BAS looked all crooked and wonky!


Juli said...

I love the gecko! Great job for a good cause!

Cathy said...

I love the colors and what a cute gecko (and idea).

Hope your new in-law, Cheryl, has won her battle with cancer. Humor does seem to be good medicine.

Debbie said...

GO-A-JUS piece of work and what a wonderful cause..awesome job Miss Kerry! Debbie (Maine)

Cathy K said...

Your Art Bra is amazing! I love the colors and theme, and your placement of everything is just perfect! I'm still working on mine; don't know if I'll finish it. Congrats, these are not easy, are they? Hugs, Cathy

Sew Useful Designs said...

Wow Kerry! Your art bra is fantastic! I absolutely adore textile arts and your blog is incredibly inspiring! I'd love to make an art bra too, have wanted to for a while. Have you seen the NovaBlossoms blog by Stephanie Novatski? I think you'd like her work, she's primarily a doll-maker but I've seen a few art bras too. Do you do all this work while you're out by the lakes? You're incredibly talented!!!
Hugs and blessings - have a lovely weekend! Vikki x :-)