Sunday, January 31, 2010

Simple Cat Toys

This disgusting looking thing is a cat toy that was given to the kittens and they love it - that is why it looks like it has been chased through every dust bunny in my house!  Well, I was visiting Heaven Can Wait, an animal rescue foundation in a nearby town last week to take them a coupon I received in the mail for a free bag of cat food.  (Much as I love free I won't upset the applecart by changing food on my kitties - a sudden change in food can be a recipe for disaster!)  While I was there I asked what else they could use that I could possibly make for them, thinking along the lines of blankets, dog beds, etc.  Well, they had enough of those but did come up with a list for me that included cat toys. I immediately thought of this one and decided to replicate it.

The toy is made of fleece fabric and I had a largish scrap of burgundy fleece in my stash.  I started by cutting it into strips, about five inches in width.

I used my rotary cutter to cut fringe on each end of the strip of fleece.  I cut them half an inch in width and about seven inches into the fabric strip.

I tied a knot in each end of the fleece close to the start of the fringe and pulled it nice and tight.  I forgot about the stretchiness of fleece so ended up with some waste in the center.  Cut the fleece close to the knots and there are your two cat toys!

Mine are a bit longer than the original but they could always be trimmed or made shorter to begin with.

As you can see, Seven gave it her seal of approval!

There you have it!  In little over half an hour and using only a scrap of fleece I made over a dozen cat toys which I will drop off at Heaven Can Wait on my next trip to town. 


Ruby said...

That is really neat thing to do! Some of my cats' favorite toys include an empty box,and a rolled up chenille (fuzzy craft wire thingies). At Christmas they found a ornament to love. Where I got them I'm not sure but it was a Styrofoam square/cube wrapped in a bit of fabric and ribbon. Happiness!

Cathy K said...

Deer Kerry, this iz Boomer. My mom is Cathy who iz a frend of yors. I am her Furson - a cat of corsss!! I think thez cat toyz look kool. Pleez tell Mom to mak me sum. Thanks, Boomer