Saturday, January 30, 2010

Organizational Skills?

Now, I vowed to clean up my sewing room.  It was one of my new year resolutions, right?  Now, I ask you, why should a little job like that be so difficult?  Could one reason be because I have a serious addiction to books and magazines?
Take the photo above for example.  I took this today after sorting these quilting magazines into piles according to publication name.  Now you might think this is a good start towards the aforementioned sewing room cleanup and reorganization but you would be wrong.  These are the magazines that I bought last weekend!  I came across a used book sale at my library and here were all these boxes of quilting magazines.  Interesting...  I thought I might as well find out how much they were and once the woman told me she would make me a deal and give me them ALL for $15.00 my fate was sealed.  It took a very kind gentleman two trips to get them to my truck, using an industrial dolly each trip.  Oh yes, and there is a big cardboard box of quilting books from the same buy that isn't even in the picture.  To give you a bit of perspective, this dining room table is huge - seats eight adults very comfortably and can seat 10 without much trouble.  Now quilting is just one of my interests, right?  Up in the sewing room I have instructions and supplies for everything from soapmaking to moose hair tufting! 
Oh dear, oh dear...  I have to run now - I think I hear the film crew from "The Hoarders" at the door!  lol


Melissa said...

Well of course you had to buy those! It was for a good cause (the library, I mean - wink!)!

Gerry Krueger said...

You definitely have too much stuff... I need to come and relieve you of some of that stuff... I'll bring the truck... LOL \
Gerry K.

Ruby said...

You certainly won't get any help from me 'cause all I want is to see the box of books. LOL No, really, I wish you good luck and would even help if I was close!! Why we overwhelm ourselves I don't know but I'm to the point it is seriously interfering with the creative process. BUT what a deal! It would have to be a stronger woman than me to pass it by. :)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thsnk you all - and please come and help me get rid of this stash! Yes, bring the truck! Bring two trucks!! lol

Debbie said...

Kerry, you are way too funny! You need to stay home more often! Debbie (Maine)

Marilyn said...

When we moved to Alberta, I did a serious destashing and stuff reduction - we got the truck about half packed and realized it wasn't big enough so DS had to go rent a bigger truck. I'be been trying to reduce ever since we've been here (about 3 years)and I'm making very small headway. If you don't make your own soaps yet you're missing out. I've been making my own soaps and lotions for about 10 years and I love them.