Friday, January 8, 2010

BAS - Week 44 - Buttonhole variation

I am back at last after the Christmas season with another stitch variation for the Build a Seam Challenge.  I fell in love with this variation of the buttonhole stitch when I saw it on a pillow by Suzie.  Her seam is much better than this first attempt of mine and you can take a look at it on the home page of CQI.

This variation is made by working half circles of buttonhole stitch both above and below your seam, offsetting them as shown above. 

You can find a tutorial for buttonhole stitch, or blanket stitch as it also known, in Sharon B's Dictionary of Stitches or Rissa's Pretty Impressive Stuff.  You can see a good diagram of a buttonhole stitch wheel in the Stitch Dictionary at - all you need to is adapt this to do half wheels.

At the end of the seam I made compensation stitches by working the bottonhole up to the seam line and then using additional straight stitches to fill in the remainder of the wheel up to the adjacent seam.

I apologize for my sample seam - without my tiger tape I am lost when it comes to making the stitches even!

This seam was done in a silk perle.  Thank you to Gerry for reminding me that I wanted to mention this each time. 


Ruby said...

I must pick up some of the tiger tape but I like the free hand stitches too. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration!

Jackie said...

This is lovely --- I really like this one.

Anonymous said...

Great stitch Kerry. I will be working on mine tomorrow. I can see just from your example how lovely this will be on many projects. Thank you so much for all these seams!!!!

Ann Flowers

Anonymous said...

Gave it a try, and boy, I really need to work on the buttonhole it is getting the best of me. I will try again tomorrow, hopefully I will have better success!

So pretty of a seam idea I want to master getting it down so I can use it:)

Thanks Kerry for the inspiration

Ann Flowers