Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lyn's Summer DYB Block

I recently had the pleasure of working on one of Lyn's Summer DYB blocks in a round robin at CQI.  Cobi did the wonderful work on this block, the beautiful crochet fan, the sun umbrella, the lovely beaded line, etc.  I was fortunate to have the chance to see the block in person and to add a few bits and pieces to it.  I added a beaded tassel to the fan and a couple of  simple seam treatments.  I kept the seams very simple as I did not want to distract from Cobi's lovely stitching.

These were such wonderful fun beach blocks.  Each of the six blocks has one of these wonderful silkies made from old photos of "bathing beauties".  How fun is that!?

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quiltlion said...

The block is wonderful! Thanks to both you and Cobi! Lyn