Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!  May this year bring all your hopes and dreams to fruition.  I am sure this is going to be a better year than last year - we will see the global economy pick up and folks return to work, perhaps with a new appreciation for those who do not have all the advantages we do. Lets make this year a year of caring for those who do without - both at home and away.  Think globally - act locally.

Well, I think I need to start as I intend to carry on this year so here is the first baby set for the hospital gift shop.  I actually have a few of these in various stages of completion, having been gifted with my sister-in-law's knitting basket after she passed away.  It seems like a good idea to get these made up and gone to a good cause so here is the first one done.  One tiny step closer to fulfilling my goals for 2010.


diamond said...

Kerry....God Bless you my dear for the many little things you do for others. I'm so glad to be your friend and watch here are your days pass into months and then years. Thank you for sharing with all of us in such a kind and loving way.

Jackie said...

I share Dee's sentiments -- she is always so good with words -- what a gem she is --

This is a lovely set and some baby will be warm and beautiful and wrapped in your love.

Beautiful work.