Monday, January 25, 2010

Pincushion for Swap

I made this pincushion for a swap on one of the yahoo groups - I hope it will be well received by it's new owner.  The inspiration for this one came from this Partylite candleholder I discovered at the thrift store and, as always, the wonderful Victorian pincushions by my friend, Gerry.

I started out by piecing a crazy quilted circle and doing the seam treatments, all in Gloriana Petite Perle silk threads.  When I finished that I used a double strand of Fireline fishing line to baste around the edge, gather and secure. 

I stuffed my circle firmly and then used E-6000 glue to secure the cq`d pincushion to the candlestick base.  Lastly I used the same glue to secure on three trims.  The first trim was a fringe, and over that a beaded fringe and lastly a matching braid trim to hide all the mechanics of the assembly. 

I love making these crazy quilted pincushions - they are relatively fast and easy projects!


susiew said...

These are soooo cute! I really want to make one. What did you use as the base under the cushion ... the thing that is glued to the candlestick? Love the colors and overall lightness. Truly feminine. I'm betting the new owner will be singing your praises.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Hi Susie - thanks for your kind words. The candlestick was actually made for a pillar candle so it was a good size top to it that my cq'd ball fit right into. Then the trims were glued around the edge of the candleholder on top which hid the join between the cq'd piece and the candleholder. Hope this is a bit clearer!