Monday, November 9, 2009

Tutorial - Raised Spider Web

I have wanted to do some of these Raised Spider Web stitches lately and finally found a spot to put them so I thought I would take some pictures as I go along and do up a little tutorial.Begin by drawing a circle on your fabric as a guide. Next you use straight stitches to create the spokes. If you imagine the face of a clock you would bring your thread up at the 3 and down at the 9, then up at the 6 and down at the 12. Carry on in this manner to create two more spokes evenly spaced between the first ones. This will give you four although you can do more if you prefer. Bring your needle up as close to the center as possible and make a tiny straight stitch, catching all the spokes and securing their position.
Bring your thread up very close to the center again and slide the needle under one spoke. Take your needle and thread back over that spoke again and then go forward under two spokes.
Carry on going back over one spoke and forward under two, working your way around the circle until the spokes are covered and the circle is full. In this picture you can see the finished Raised Spider Web as well.
I think this is a fun stitch with lots of applications. I can see them as flowers or as starfish in an under the sea theme.


Aida Costa said...

Great pictures, thanks! That's a really beautiful thread.

Maggie R said...

Hey Kerry,
Thanks for the tutorial. I am on my way to try it right now..Love your thread..