Friday, November 27, 2009

A Little Rant....

What is cuter than a kitten? Two kittens of course!
These two are brother and sister. The small grey one is a tabby named Macbeth and the calico is a little girl who has yet to find her name.
So, where does the rant come in? I did not need any more cats. Although I was recently informed that you needed 11 to officially be a "crazy cat lady", I do feel that these two upping my count to seven brings me dangerously close. They are part of a litter born in my woodpile. The mother is a beautiful cat who was adopted by one of my neighbours. She took the cat because it was a well bred, valuable cat and then she left it outside, fed it only occasionally and let her become feral. Of course, shots and neutering were out of the question. The father is a tomcat who belongs to another neighbour, a much nicer person but still rather callous when it comes to animals.

Between my husband, my daughter and myself we managed to capture three of the five kittens in the litter before the mother moved them to another location. The third kitten, a little black and white female, has since been adopted by my son. The other two are now part of my family, having suffered through a couple weeks in quarantine in the spare room until they had their shots. As my daughter asks, why don't people listen to Bob Barker and spay or neuter their pets? What do they think happens to them? They become diseased or they are caught by coyotes or other animals and in either case they die a horrible death. Or, if they make it to winter, maybe they get to freeze to death instead. I firmly believe you should not have a pet unless you are willing to take care of them. Pets are not possessions and they are not disposable. Smarten up people!


anita said...

We do have eleven, so I suppose I am now officially in 'crazy cat lady' territory . . . they were all stray (and the last one turned out to be pregnant, so we got five for one!), but what are you going to do? They've all been neutered—that's the first order of business, along with rabies shots. The oldest is 14 now, and the 'little ones' will be seven next spring . . . This should be interesting: as we age ourselves, we will be caring for a houseful of geriatric cats!

Karen said...

I agree completely. My last two were rescues from the local shelter. I am jealous though as living with DD I can't have any cats. I learned something I didn't know that 11 was the magic number, I always wanted to be the crazy cat lady when I grew up.

Cathy K said...

Oh Kerry, you are so right!! If people would just stop and realize that cats (and dogs too) are "people" too!! When I was growing up, my parents bred and raised Burmese cats and at one point we had 15 (and a separate "cattery" for the mommas and newborns). As an adult, my max has been six (when ex-dh brought home 2 adults one night when we already had 4 adults). It didn't work, and the new 2 went back to the pet store. I'd much rather adopt from a shelter anyway. Right now we just have Boomer, my 14-yr old furson. But I'm thinking he needs a little companion... Anyway, good on you for rescuing those kittens. They'll repay you with love! Hugs, Cat

Irish Kathi said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you. I took 2 cats in a few years ago. Clifford is gorgeous and its owner was trying to"get rid" of him by turning him out...with no front claws.
Chester is an older guy but was well cared for but someone moved in her house with allergies.
I also have a rescued greyhound.
I love my animals.
You are a good woman!

Annie said...

They are so sweet. And you are so sweet to adopt!

Judy S. said...

Good for you, Kerry. I don't understand people sometimes. When we brought Mocha inside last year, she was unbelievably scrawny and like Clifford, had been declawed and turned loose. Why do people get an animal and then do that? Beats me!