Sunday, November 15, 2009

My work on Kathi's RR block

I just finished working on Kathi's block from a round robin at CQI. It was a great block to work on - wonderful fun colours so I went with the bright colours and had a blast. I was first to work on it and Kathi's instructions were just to have fun so that's what I did. I went with sort of a garden theme. The first thing I did was a butterfly with Janet's technique. I have a couple more pieces of butterfly fabric now so am able to play with this some more. It is done by cutting out two identical butterflies from fabric. Cut down the center at the body and put the right sides together and sew around each wing, except for where you cut it. Turn them inside out, press and voila! You sew them onto the block at the centre and after you add a replacement body - this one is beads - and some antenna, you have a wonderful three dimensional butterfly with wings that stand up from the block.
I also did the two seams in this picture. The vertical one is a simple herringbone stitch laced with a nice sage green velour thread. Then I added trios of detached chain stitch. The second seam is a simple cretan stitch. At the top and bottom of each stitch I added two detached chain stitch leaves and then a silk ribbon french knot.
My second motif was this cluster of fantasy flowers made with raised spider webs. This was my sample for last week's BAS (Build a Seam Challenge). The stems are stem stitch and the leaves are feather stitch. The little butterfly beads I scattered around are plastic but I couldn't resist the colours. Just above there is a small seam done in braid stitch with varigated silk perle thread. Where the two lines of braid stitch met I added a resin bead I think I acquired by cannibalizing some thrift store jewelry. It seems to fit the colours and feel of the block.

Here is Kathi's block as it looked when I was done stitching. It is headed off now to Alice who gets to go next. I hope she has as much fun with this block as I did!


Maggie R said...

Hi Kerry,
Your work is lovely..
I especially like the raised spider webs for flowers. Great idea..Very inspiring..

gocrazywithme said...

I love the spider web flowers. When there was just one, I couldn't figure out a use for them, but now I're a genius.

Aida Costa said...

That looks beautiful! Love those raised spider webs, I'll have to attempt this stitch. The result is stunning.

The technique for the butterfly is genius!!

Cathy K said...

Oh, how lovely this is! How did I miss it on the list (too much use of the delete key - oops!). Gorgeous flowers and butterfly. I can see why you had fun with this Happy Block! Hugs, Cat

Irish Kathi said...

YAY...that's my block and your work is perfect. I love everything you did...thank you!!