Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Wedge of the Christmas Tree Skirt!

I got a wonderful email today from Leslie with this picture of the wedge she embellished for my tree skirt in the Christmas round robin we are in. It is soooooo gorgeous! I couldn't be happier. I might not have this project ready for this year - to be honest I know I won't have it ready - but next year it will be around my table top tree. I hope this picture will enlarge when you click on it so you can see all the beautiful details.


Annalisa said...

Oh, this is something lovely..the details are wonderful...and I bet it's a big and hard work to do!
Keep up the good work,

pam said...

Hi Kerry :O)
Oh how wondrous this panel is!
Leslie has put such a lot of beautiful work into it too.

What a shame you cannot get it finished in time for 2009.
Maybe you could do overtime and stitch together in the night lol?
Hugs Pam