Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Pantry

I'm trying to justify a post about my pantry - I think I can since stitchers have a strong attraction to stories about UFOs getting finished, or at least this stitcher does! lol The pantry was a big messy UFO for at least a month. I completely redid it which involved unloading all the stuff from there into the kitchen and dining room and dragging out all the shelving units. They went out to dh's workshop which he has recently enlarged and the new shelving units took up temporary residence in the living room. Then I scrubbed the whole thing from ceiling to floor, masked and painted it all including the french door. Advice for the day - don't paint french doors unless you have to because it's a pain. On the other hand, it turned out so pretty and now it matches my kitchen cupboards which are also white.
One of the new units I put in there is a closed cupboard for food items - holds lots and the doors offer extra protection in case a mouse finds his way in there somehow.

This is the view when you open the french door now. Am I organized or what?! If only my stitching room was this organized. Well, it will be someday soon! The monthly challenge at CQI this month is all to do with organization of stitching supplies so I'm taking lots of notes and am almost ready to take that big job on.

The pantry is a small room so it is hard to get photos of it from inside, thus the weird angle. These two shelving units hold my cookbooks as well as some miscellaneous items. This reno job has been eating into my stitching time for a month now and I am so happy to have it done! Hope you liked the tour! lol


Carol said...

I love seeing how people do their pantries. Yours is well laid out. We have taken over one of the small closets in our hallway.

Anonymous said...

Kerry I love your pantry. I hope this spring I'll get enough courage to do as you did and clean and paint mine. Debbie S.