Saturday, December 28, 2013

Two More ATCs Finished

I finished up two more ATCs last night for the upcoming EAC ATC Swap.  These ones have a bit of a story behind them.  My friends in High River mostly lost all their Christmas decorations in the flood because it seems that everyone tends to keep them in their basements.  So my Christmas gifts to them this year were crazy quilt Christmas items.  I used a round robin block with a Christmas theme as an insert in the top of a photo box for my dear friend Eileen and forgot to take a photo of it to share.  Anyway, there were scraps left over so I finished them up as ATCs and they came out really nicely and not a stitch of the original block was wasted this way.
I finished these ones up in a slightly different way and it worked very well so I'll share my method. .  After stitching the front and back of the ATC together, I stitched gold trim around the edge slightly overlapping the edge of the ATC.  I sewed the same trim to the back in the same method making sure to line them up.  Then I whip stitched the two outside edges of the trim together all the way around.  It worked wonderfully and solved my usual problem of being unable to seem to finish the edges neatly.


Annie said...

Very pretty and thanks for the finishing tip. I'm filing that away for future use!

Hideko Ishida 石田英子 said...

Kerry, I remember the dove. I am very glad the dyb block has had another life! Wonderful job! Hideko