Friday, December 13, 2013

Artist Trading Cards Completed

 I have finished up the six ATCs I started the other day.  If you saw them then, I had just done the star stitches in a variagated DMC - Color Variations 4126.  The next step was weaving gold thread through the star stitches in variaous patterns.  The two above were the first attempt.
 The next weaving pattern gave me this one above.  Still a simple pattern but a different effect.
For the fourth ATC, I combined the two weaving patterns in the first two on one ATC for a more interesting pattern.
On this fifth one, I wove through the star stitches again and then added additional straight stitches using the gold thread.

 And then for this sixth and last one, I did a simple weaving pattern again and then used the gold thread to add additional star stitches.  I have to say that these were great fun to do, seeing how weaving the gold thread through the stitches could be used to create various patterns.  I can see a lot of applications for this technique and will likely be using it again on other projects.
The Embroiderer`s Association of Canada (EAC) is having its last ATC swap this coming April and these are the first ones I have made for that swap.  I could have cropped the photos and shown them a couple days ago but decided not to cheat - to go ahead and do the finishing first , my least favourite part!

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libbyquilter said...

these turned out beautifully~!!

happy holidays.