Friday, December 20, 2013

The Annual Great Christmas Tree Hunt

 We go to Kananaskis each year for the hunt for a Christmas tree.  Usually you see some kind of wildlife and this year it was a mountain sheep.
 We have had an unprecedented amount of snow this year here in southern Alberta and although the weather was mild at home, it got much colder in the mountains.
 The roads were slippery but with scenery like this it is worth it (even if the photos were taken through my dirty windshield! lol)
 We have a camping spot we usually go to omplete with picnic tables and firepits and while the rest go trooping through the woods in search of the tree, I build a fire and heat up hot chocolate and chili for a snack after they get back.
 This year the road into our little spot was gated off so we had to walk in through a kilometer of snow carrying all the gear.  We soon found out that the closure was because the bridge over the creek had been swept away in last summer's floods so we had to jump from one icy rock to another to get across the creek.
 There saw quite a few people out there - hiking, skiiing, snowmobiling and looking for Christmas trees.
The kids come although the grandkids are old enough now they can think of better ways to spend a day than getting cold for a Charlie Brown tree.  It is a bit of a family tradition though so I guess we will keep going.  We aren't quite ready to switch to a tree lot tree or an artificial one.

So, here is my little tree, now three quarters decorated and leaning into a corner because it decided to fall over.  Personally, I think I might be a little tired of this tradition!


Quayceetatter said...

Beautiful sheep, I miss seeing them in WY.We would go to the Big Horns and watch a herd of 25. Don't missed the snow!! I see you left the tree to last, chuckles. We would do the same in WY and AK but now have a small make believe tree. Merry Christmas!!!

Marilyn said...

You could start a new tradition - send the family out to where ever they are selling Christmas trees and you stay home and warm and make the hot chocolate and chili. Or, get a - gasp - artificial one. Ours is really quite realistic although this year our tree is a live-flower arrangement I made a a craft night at the library last week. I put the tree skirt on the cedar chest, put the arrangement on top and voila! A Christmas tree. It has cedar, spruce and pine so that should qualify as a "tree" - grin

gocrazywithme said...

We usually go cut a tree too, but this year there was just no time. DH and I finally opted for the Christmas tree lot (a first for us) the day before they closed it down. Got a 7 foot tree at an exorbitant price, but once we had it up and decorated, I was happy with it.