Friday, December 6, 2013

Benefits of Belonging to EAC

I posted recently about the online chapter of The Embroiderers' Association of Canada, EAC Virtual Threads.  I mentioned that you have to be a member of EAC to join the online chapter but then thought maybe you might not be aware of the benefits of belonging to EAC!  So, I'll suggest you visit the EAC blog and EAC website and look around and see.

Also, right off the EAC website, here is a list of the benefits of belonging...

Benefits to Individuals (National or Chapter members)
1. The chance to make lifelong friendships with other members within your own
region and across Canada through chapter meetings, workshops and Seminars.
2. Receive discounts at participating suppliers by presenting your current EAC
membership card.
3. Access to any contests or challenges EAC is holding.
4. Ability to take part in exchanges such as the Artist Trading Card Exchange and
Holiday Ornament Exchange.
5. Access to EAC Facebook page.
6. Access to membership in the new EAC Cyber chapter, Virtual Threads, with the
additional membership fee of $10 per year.
7. Qualify for EAC Awards, Scholarships, Grants and Bursaries.
8. Qualify as a course test student.
9. Contacts with experts in many aspects of needlework for research purposes.
10. Access to Your EAC (members’ only) site with:
a. a listing of upcoming workshops, seminars, etc.,
b. free projects,
c. copies of old EC magazines,
d. links to available mystery projects,
e. a section where members can list patterns, articles, etc. they are
 looking for, and
f. a list of links to other organizations and other snippets of information.

Of course, the most important reason for joining I can think of is that it is just plain fun!  I love EAC as well as my local chapter, The Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts!

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