Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Colours!

Who could resist these Easter colours?  Not me!  I certainly didn't need to buy more cotton yarn - I am sure there is already lots in "the room".  It went against my current de-stashing efforts too.  Simply, I couldn't resist the colours!  lol  So, to negate the stash building guilt, I had to use up the balls right away and here is what I did with them.

Next stop was at Designs by Emily to pick out some adorable free knit dishcloth patterns.  I really butchered the first one unfortunately.  I should mention that Emily's designs are perfect - it is my knitting skills that aren't! lol

I did a little better with the butterfly - still not perfect by a long shot but they wash dishes, perfect or not.

 I find knitting dishclothes very therapeutic.  I think it is that in a day or so you have a finished project.  Even if they aren't perfect, people are always happy to get them.
 I got fancy here using up the last little bit of purple.
 Love these colours - the blue is just so pretty and I love Emily's heart design.

Last but not least!  I did this one to use up every last scrap of these balls of yarn.  So, I was successful in not adding anything to my stash, not even scraps.  And I got to satisfy my urge to buy this yarn and have a nice little pile of dishcloths.  Not very exciting but I call it a success.


Annie said...

Your knitting skills are fine. Nothing that a good blocking won't fix. I block them just so they look pretty as a gift or for taking the initial photo. After that... who cares!

Have a great weekend!

Debbie S. said...

Great job on buying and using the items right away. I am terrible at that as my room can attest.

Susan said...

Wow I wish I could be so dedicated to the no add rule. Oh what am I saying, I don't have that rule. I should but I know I could not abide by it. Good for you and great little wash cloths. Love that knitting