Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Broken Dishes Series of ATCs

Well, good morning!  First of all, giving credit where credit is due, the jumping off point for these ATCs was this beautiful pattern and the three quarters finished cross stitch project made from it.  Knew I wasn't going to finish it now so what to do??  (Can't throw anything out! lol)

 Once again, more ATCs!  Cut the unfinished project into pieces and buttonhole stitched my little heart out all day yesterday to come up with seventeen more ATCs.
I called this series of ATCs Broken Dishes because they remind me of pieces of broken china all ready for making mosaics.

I am going to have to find something new to work on today - I have about three of those holes worn in my fingers that your needle just wants to slip into so no more cross stitch.  The muscle in my thumb is still really sore from the knitting frenzy last week so don't think I should do that today.  Hmmmm - I might actually have to work instead of stitch!

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Suztats said...

Love the broken dishes ATC's!