Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TAST - Week 1 (Fly Stitch)

This is the stitching I did with Fly Stitch, working on Sharon B's TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) challenge you can find on her Pintangles blog.  For details on TAST, click on the icon on the right hand side of my blog.  It will take you to her site and tell you all about it.

So, here is what I did... 

I knew that I wanted to attempt a dandelion after seeing some samples done so here is my take on it.  The heads of the dandelions as well as the seeds in the wind are all fly stitch.  The stems were a bit of a cheat, being made of chain stitch, but the leaves are all fly stitch as well.  The simple fly stitch seam underneath was the first thing I did and it will have to come out since I think it interferes with the dandelion head.

Above there is a green stem stitch stem meandering across a seam with fly stitch leaves on along the way.  Each little flower or bud was made with two bullion stitches. 

I did this seam in Arrowhead Fly Stitch, using a wonderful soft silk thread I found at Shuttleworks.

I used the same stitch for this variation called Fly Stitch Garland.

This last one, in the same thread,  is called Double Fly Stitch, a rather wide fly stitch with a longer narrower one over it in a contrasting colour.

I had hoped to finish this block (which you might recognize as being one I received wrapped around a Christmas Cracker) entirely in Fly Stitch but time got away from me and this was as far as I got.  I am undecided now on whether to go ahead with the fly stitch variations to complete the block or move on to this week's challenge, buttonhole stitch, on another block and have this end up as yet another UFO.  Tuesday came too soon and it's only the first week of the challenge!


Suztats said...

Very nice variations, Kerry! I can't imagine working a block for each stitch--I'm finding Tuesdays arriving too soon and I'm just doing a sampler book!

bluemuf said...

Beautiful examples, I love your cq piece


*Quilterin* said...

Hi Kerry!

Your dandelion is really gorgeous!

Best wishes from Austria

Arlene White said...

Beautiful work Kerry, the flower is amazing.


ARLENE said...

What fabulous work! I love the dandelion.

Rose said...

Love the dandelions! That stitch is more versatile than I had thought!

BCD67 said...


Quayceetatter said...

Love your variations of the Fly Stitch especially the dandelion. Linda in NM