Thursday, January 19, 2012

BAS - Week 79 - Feather Stitch Variations

I have about the next twenty BAS stitches scheduled and by happy coincidence this week's BAS is a series of Feather Stitch variations which coincide with this week's TAST stitch if you are following.  So, we can hit two birds with one stone!

 These hardly look like feather stitch but they are.  They are created by making the "v"'s of the feather stitch vertical on the inside.  Very simple to do but a different look to an old stitch.
 The second variation is created by doing two feather stitches at a time on each side, again making sure the inside of your "v"s are vertical and line up as much as possible.
Same thing again in this one except they are in series of three.  To me these have the look of stitching on old crazy quilts so they are nice to add to your stable of stitch variations.  Hope you  enjoy them and have fun!


Ty.Jecyka said...

I do not know how to make of patchwork and I am amazed in front of yours. Feather stitch is very nice in your border.

Suztats said...

A different take on the stitch, and quite effective.

Jo said...

beautiful x