Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Artist of the Month in Vulcan County!

Well, this is a bit exciting!  I made the local paper - they have published an article on me as Artist of the Month for the county!  I am really hoping enough people will stop by the Vulcan County Office and see the pieces of crazy quilting and get interested so that there will be enough people registered for me to teach a class here locally!  You can check out the article here.

I took in a collection of my favourite pieces of crazy quilting EARLY in the morning Monday so we could set them up.  I had to be there when the office opened so that I could get back in time for work so got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise on the drive.

This is a piece I couldn't wait to share with everyone!  You will notice that I immediately picked it up to hold when the reporter asked to take a photo for the article!  I finally got my beautiful block back from the framers after Gerry finished working her magic on it! If it looks familar you likely saw it on Gerry's "Block Talk" Blog!  When it came back from the original round robin there were problems with the block which Gerry was kind enough to fix for me.  She is also the one who stitched all the beautiful dragonflies for me on the original block so it seemed perfect that she would come up with the idea of the little frog in the corner!

 This little Christmas Stocking is also hanging in the Artist of the Month exhibit.  This is the sample from the class that didn't run because of lack of registration.  I was disappointed that I didn't get to teach this class in Vulcan because I think people would have enjoyed making it - maybe next year!
 These are a couple of little six inch Christmas blocks.  I have been on a framing and finishing frenzy over the last couple weeks getting things ready that I could hang in the exhibit to entice people into the wonderful world of crazy quilting.  I only managed to get the first dragonfly block framed professionally because I knew it was one I would treasure and keep for myself forever.  All the rest of these are framed by myself in thrift store frames.  It shows - lol!
 This one is a spring themed block - I don`t usually work in pastels so it was a fun change. I finally gave it a try getting out my needle and thread and lacing the blocks onto the backing in the proper method.  I can see why it is recommended - a big improvement over my previous method.
 This one is one of my earlier pieces but it was good to finally finish it in some way so that it got out of the pile of finished blocks I have never done anything with. 
I love to explore ways to use cq pieces that avoid the cost of framing so I used a table in the County Office in Vulcan to display some boxes I put crazy quilt tops in, the denim cushion I made for dd when she returned from Brazil, and a pincushion,  Notice I finally put together the tea cozy - this stitching has been the header of my blog for ages and I had never finished putting it together until now! 

I wish all my stitching friends lived close in Vulcan County so they could stop in to see the pieces and cheer me on!


Annie said...

Kerry the Super Star! Congratulations!

These are all such beautiful pieces. Hope they inspire some local stitchin' fingers to join the fun!

Quayceetatter said...

Congratulations for being the Artist of the Month. Beautiful work!! Linda in NM

Marilyn said...

Congratulations on your exhibit and interview :). I wish I could come down and see it. I hope you didn't have any damage from the winds yesterday. It seems to be our turn today - high winds and pouring January!

Cathy K said...

This is so awesome, Kerry, and well-deserved! Congrats and hugs, Cathy

Mánya said...

Congratulations for being the Artist of the Month!

Marie Alton said...

Congrats my dear! How awesome for you!

Hope it generates some interest by viewers seeing your fabulous creations ... and that you get some new students for your spring class!

Great article ... and lovely photo of you with your work!

Big Hugs ... Marie