Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Finished Block

I love DYB (Do Your Block) Round Robins, where everyone in the round robin works on one of six (6" square) blocks so that at the end of the round robin you get five of your blocks home finished and one left to do yourself.  I am usually very bad at actually getting that last block done but I managed to finish up this one left over from the Tea Time DYB Round Robin I was in. 
For this block I added some gold trim on one seam, threading some pale pink silk ribbon through it.  On another seam I added a flowered Mokuba-type trim.  The button cluster is made up of one of my decoupaged buttons I make, a Czech glass button and one of my very favourite vintage brass buttons.
There is a bit of lace inserted to act as a tablecloth under the teapot charm that came from a group charm buy we had.  I added bullion roses and a few detached chain stitch leaves to the lace.  One of the remaining seams is my BAS stitch for this week. the Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch, with cretan stitch on either side and french knots.  The last seams are feather stitch done in a variagated perle cotton and a layered stitch seam of herringbone stitch, cretan stitch, detached chain stitch and french knots.  I used one of the sequin fans I love as the base for an embroidered fan done mostly in chain stitch.  As always, if you would like to see any of it in a larger format all you have to do is click on the photo. 

Now I just need to put these six blocks together into a finished project!

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