Friday, January 27, 2012

Sane Quilting?

 This is one of my two laundry tubs that hold scraps of quilting fabric that are too small to fold up and stack with the fat quarters and fat quarter wannabes.  So, when I got to choose the block for the monthly lottery over at the Mailblocks Yahoo group, I knew I wanted it to be a good stashbusting block.  I ended up choosing "Scrapbagger" from Quilter's Cache.
Here are my five blocks I made up yesterday on my day off.  Every scrap came from the scrap basket so I am happy.  They are off in the mail today to the happy winner of the monthly lottery.

It is fun to look at a photo of what could end up being a section of the finished quilt - you can start to see the secondary patterns forming.  Making these lottery blocks always makes me want to make a whole quilt myself from the pattern!

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Marilyn said...

Glad to see someone else has lots of scraps. I have one large rough tote full, plus I gave a whole bunch away when some of the quilting girls were looking for fabrics for a block of the month thing they are doing. They just didn't take enough!