Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Pups

I've been pretty good about not posting lots of puppy pictures but with the way Dexter, the little guy, is growing I think I better post some or he won't be a puppy anymore.  These guys gain about five pounds a week when they are puppies and it's hard to believe he went from being an armful of love just before Christmas to being pretty hard to pick up and carry around.  It went so quickly!

Duke and Dexter became fast friends almost immediately and they are pretty well joined at the hip now.  Duke seems to be reliving his own puppyhood through Dexter and toys that bored him before are now exciting again.

Poor little Bear isn't in the fun and games much now - the bloodhounds play a little too roughly for a little pomeranian!  That doesn't stop her sneaking up and stealing all the toys though and running away with them!

Dexter is so proud of himself that he finally attained his goal of getting up into my chair.  After how hard he worked at it none of us had the heart to put him down.  This is now his favourite place to nap.

It's all good though because Duke has his own reclining section of the sofa to hang out in.  The only question now seems to be where will the people sit?  lol


Elaine said...

Your last question reminds me of a saying on a fridge magnet we've got. It says:

'If you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move the cat'

Except in your case, substitute dog for cat!

Great photos! Your dogs look like great fun :)

bubbygigi said...

Kerry, your dogs are beautiful and must add so much fun to your household. I don't have a dog but share the love of them with my son and his family's two Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Have a good day.

Ruby said...

Love those bloodhounds! I recently bought a new couch and my dachsies have to sit on the floor(nice soft cushions). Wonder how long this will last? LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you have that sign that says something along the lines of, "If you don't want dog hair on your clothes, don't sit on the furniture. There's a reason they call it fur-niture." ?

Cris in MT

piney cq said...

and I thought Mairin was a weed!! She's double her weight in the 2.5 weeks we've had her! Looks like a great addition to the family! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Duke, So big and thinks nothing of being as tall as a person. great pictures. Dexter is too cute!!!!

Ann Flowers

Anonymous said...

And why wouldn't you post all the dog p ics you are adorable and i love seeing them! You've got bragging rights. I have two now, have always had dogs when it was feasible and love reading about and seeing pictures of other other folks' furbabies...!ktj