Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 - Organized Life Challenge

The second day of the organizing challenge at A Bowlful of Lemons totally floored me - the assignment was to clean your computer desk!  As you can see from the very embarrassing photo above, my desk is one of my prime nesting areas where my hoarding instincts totally come to the forefront.  Definitely not a picture of organization!
As if you needed to know more about what a mess it was, here is the side view.  Even worse!

Well, two days later, here is the result.  Even Nala has a nice clean blankie underneath the desk where she likes to doze.  I was not able to get it down to the totally clear desk I aspired to because there is too much here I need to use on a regular basis.  The box under the wooden desk is not a cheat - it is my box of mailing supplies:  large brown envelopes, bubble wrap, etc.  The plastic tub peeking out from under the other desk contains the items currently waiting to be listed on Ebay. 

And here is the side view again.  Maybe it looks like where someone else would start at for their desk organization but for me this is pretty darn good.  The trouble with living in an old church is that there are basically no closets or storage spots - lots of wide open space but no closets!  lol
Anyway, embarrassed as I am by the first two photos, I am actually quite proud of these last two and, more importantly, I know where everything is!  Now to play catchup on yesterdays and today's challenges...


arlene said...

You should be very proud - you did an awesome job...
good for you


Gerry Krueger said...

I think you just took a picture of my cluttered desk to pass off as yours... Luckily I had no tupperware cabinet and no linen closet but it has taken me 3 days to do the computer desk... LOL Gerry K.

Virginie said...

Bravo Kerry, you did a wonderful job. Could I have take a plane to France and help me to do the same n my house LOL !!!

Virginie from France

Barb said...

I bet you feel so awesome...that looks wonderful!!

Elaine said...

Crikey! Well done!

You have done splendidly.

As an aside, I didn't know you lived in an old church. That must be marvellous!

However, I am glad to see you also had time to post about something really pretty to look at :)

Take care :)

Elaine said...

Hi Kerry,
I have just posted about my efforts yesterday and today. You definately beat me :)

Joy said...

Congratulations now please come and declutter my work area