Saturday, January 8, 2011

Badly Need Support with this Organization ^%#$)&^@@#$

Well, I have decided why I don't know many organized people - I think they die off before they get to be my age!  This organizational challenge is killing me!

I managed to meet the challenges for days 1. 2 and 3. 

Yes, my computer desk, my junk drawer and my drawer under the stove (in lieu of a tupperware cupboard) are done and they are indeed things of beauty.
Unfortunately it is now Day 7 of aforesaid Challenge... yes, you remember correctly - I just finished Day 3.  I was indeed hopeful that we would be taking weekends off but no such luck!  So, I should have already taken care of the cupboard under the kitchen sink....

 ....the linen closet....

... both sides of it that is, and I'm only showing you one half, which likely includes dislodging the cat...

and, Lord help me, the pantry

 all the way in - not just what you can see from the door!
 Now, today is the dresser drawers.... does this mean everyone`s or just mine?

Do I get bonus points because I have been stuffing Christmas into boxes all day long in a very organized, labelled way?

I don't think I'm going to be able to meet this challenge unless I get myself a major cheerleading squad!  Any takers?

To heck with it, I'm taking my stitching over to watch an old John Wayne movie (yes, Virginia, this True Grit that came out at Christmas is a remake), and maybe even pour myself a g & t, or better yet, get someone else to pour one for me!


Connie Eyberg Originals said...

LOL~ I'll cheer you on. Where are you getting this challenge schedule? Just list goals and set a realistic time frame that works for you...bite size pieces. Focus on what you have accomplished and relish that, not at what you have to do or how far behind you are. Don't worry if you miss a date, it will be waiting. You really are doing a great job!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I forgot to mention a quote I saw recently...You don't have to see the whole staircase to take a step.

Gerry Krueger said...

Don't feel bad I'm still working on my computer desk... only because I had no linen closet and tupperware drawer and I've been putting Bailey's Irish Cream in my coffee to make it easier... So have another G & T... Gerry K.

Gerry Krueger said...

And since I see no linens in your linen closet you don't have to count that.. It's the cat's problem... Gerry

Marilyn said...

Instead of beating yourself up for not keeping up to someone's schedule, pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished so far. As long as you are making progress (and putting away Christmas is a biggie) you will get there eventually. Sheesh, mine all fits in one tub half the size of yours (grin).

Barb said...

I have always admired those that could keep their cubboards organized.... good luck!

shawkl said...

The schedule is actually in dog the fine print. So, one organizational day equals seven normal days. There, does that help?
Hang in there, you can do it...and a John Wayne break is great for any time!

Elaine said...

Dear {{{{{Kerry}}}}}
Here's a hug from me :)

You made it to day 3 ..... I have barely managed 2 days worth of tasks! If you look at my blog, you will see that for my day 2 (which isn't the 'correct' day 2, my cats also helped me :)

Since then, I have definately fallen off the wagon! Thursday ..... well .... I just HAD to do the 12th night bit of putting Christmas away and Friday and Saturday I had things to do for my Church so I did nothing do do with organising the house.

Sigh! I have decided I need a 'woman who does' ..... or perhaps to be PC a 'person who does' :)

Or perhaps ..... LOL .... tongue very firmly in cheek .... I need a Good Wife :)

Diane said...

Just as important as the never-ending lists is a simple little timer. When you shudder at the amount of work and time it will take to sort out that large cupboard, just set your timer for 15 minutes. Chop the job up into small pieces and you'll find it really helps.

Loralynn said...

I think you have made a wonderful start! You are doing a great job! Have you ever heard of Flylady? She say's baby steps. Also, you aren't behind, because ANY step you take in the right direction is progress!!! I applaud you!

Elaine said...

As a postscript Kerry ...... I think you (and I!) are being very hard on ourselves.

To be honest, when I have looked at the so called dis-organised before photos on a Bowful of Lemons I would be quite happy with them! I actually did a LOL when I read that she had sorted her linen in 1 hour! Only 1 hour!!! Gee!!!!

Also, when I was sorting out the drawers in my units ..... what I was finding was not just my stuff but the stuff for my husband and son! So I have been badgering them with 'do you want this' and if 'Yes' ... where do you want it to go!!!

However, I think we have to look at this whole thing in a calm manner and think ..... yes, things need to be sorted but possibly at a less intense pace, after all, for me at any rate, paying work gets in the way ..... and I think it's essential to have some 'me' time to sew!! :)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm here from Connie's blog and have to add my two cents worth of cheering section for you! Organizing is tough and nowhere is it written that you have to meet the daily challenges on a 'daily' basis - what if you did one a week?

Elaine said...

Hi Kerry,
I hope all the encouraging posts have made you feel better?


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Thank you - thank you - thank you all for the wise and wonderful support! I no longer feel like such a deadbeat! I thibnk I needed a reality check so thanks!