Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 3 of Organization

I have spent the last two days running back and forth to the city and town for meetings and errands so I've fallen behind on my stitching and my organizing.  Hopefully I will have a few days at home now to catch up.
Day 3's challenge was to organize the tupperware cupboard.  I don't actually have one of those.  Long story involving how out of control all the tupperware was and how years ago my husband held a garage sale and started handing out tupperware free to everyone who showed up.  Serves him right if his lunch has gone to work for the last twenty years in margarine tubs!  lol

So, I picked another sore spot - the drawer under my stove where I keep my pots and pans.  Anything that close to the oven and that near the floor is a grunge magnet so it was long overdue for a good clean and redo.

And here it is after a good scrub, the application of some vinyl liner and a bit of reorganizing.  A few frying pans holding bravely onto their last few shreds of teflon as well as some rusty cake pans bit the dust so there is more room now to keep the ones I actually use.  Much better - now to catch up on the last couple days I've missed!  I'll also get some stitching done tomorrow to share - all this cleaning is getting a bit dull!

1 comment:

Barb said...

Looks great under the stove now....
It does feel good to be organized but for some reason it becomes unorganized real fast, at least with me it does.