Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beryl's Under the Sea Round Robin Block

Here is the block I embellished for Beryl in the Under the Sea DYB Round Robin we are in together at CQI.  I love the underwater theme so had a lot of fun with this block.

One of the first things I did was to build this crab from silk ribbon and silk buttonhole thread and gave him funny little pearl eyes.  I added a few backstitch spider web stitches - not sure what they are signifying but they look like they would grow in the ocean!  lol
I had this lovely varigated ribbgon with the gold edge and thought it would make great seaweed twisted and couched down loosely.  There are three fish charms hiding amongst this growth.

I couldn`t resist adding one of Nicki Lee`s pieces of hand dyed lace, in this case a lovely yellow/green starfish.  There is a piece of tatting just above that and between the crab and the starfish there are pieces of netting made with Detached Buttonhole Stitch and Netting Stitch.  I added several larger beads that reminded me of the old glass fishing floats.

I used some novelty yarn in blue/purple blend and couched it down to make some more seaweed.  If you look carefully you can see a purple glass fish bead hiding there.  I built some more seaweed with Feather Stitch, String of Pearls Stitch, and Maidenhair Stitch. 
I loved working on this block and I hope Beryl will like it.


Barb said...

Oh it!!

FredaB said...

Beautiful block Kerry. She will just love it.



Debbie said...

Kerry this block is gorgeous! I am really starting to like the UTS theme. I thought it funny that Cathy K. commented and said your crab was a lobster!!! She needs to come to Maine so I can show her what a lobster looks like!!! Debbie (Maine)