Monday, January 3, 2011

MMXI - New Years & New Starts!

I love this image and wish I knew where it originated so I could give them credit.  It shows just how I feel sometimes.  Too much stuff!  Okay, so the question becomes do you own all this stuff... or does it own you?  I have one more goal for 2011 I did not list because I'm almost afraid to jinx myself by putting it into words, a very generic "get organized". 

I am happy to say Rose Anne, Cynthia and I at CQI have formed an impromptu support group for this goal.  (I got your back, girls!)  So, this support group is one tool in my organizational arsenal!

Another is the Challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons -  there is a button and link at the side of the blog here that will take you right to the appropriate post.  I am joining up a day late so have just accomplished  yesterday's goal:  Clean the Junk Drawer. 

So, this is the before picture.  Lots of junk and stuff that should be somewhere else but also lots of stuff that needs to be there.  Like, where else do you put the shoelaces when you know dh will break one just as he's ready to go to work and then he'll head to the junk drawer looking for a replacement?

Okay, this is the after photo.  A bit better, right?  Containers for rechargers, glues, batteries, hardware bits and bobs I use, tape, tools and, yes, one for shoelaces!  lol  I should feel some satisfaction here but I have to admit that while I was doing this little job I kept thinking all the other drawers and cupboards need organizing too, the pantry is getting out of hand, the back porch/laundry room is a disaster after the holidays...

Ah well, baby steps, right?  By the way, I noticed that the blog list at A Bowlful of Lemons has lots of blogs having to do with organization.  Who would have thought?!  I might have to check them out too!  lol  Every little bit helps...


Elaine said...

Oh Boy! I SO need to join you in that challenge!

I have 'splurges' of organising and deep cleaning areas but never seem to keep it up! Sigh :)

Gerry Krueger said...

I think that painting is by artist/writer Juliet (or Julie?) Lomoe and is call "Clutter Woman"

How appropriate... My drawers, cupboards and closets are always neat and organized,... it's all the stuff that doesn't fit that is my problem... So I have to find designated spots for all "visible clutter." Like on MY computer desk... Gerry

Elaine said...

Hi Kerry,
Thank you for your comments on my blog.

I think I will (try!) to join you! Although, I think it will take longer than 21 days to change me, mind you :)

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Kerry, I would like to wish a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. I have started getting organized too. I clean out three areas yesterday that was bugging me but I still have lots to do. very sad face. I always enjoying looking at your beautiful stitching. Hugs Judy

Elaine said...

Hi Kerry,
I must admit that yesterday evening I did put my toe in the water by starting to organise a cupboard drawer. However, before posting about that, I thought you might be interested in my post for today at


Elaine said...

Dear Kerry,
Do you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Well .... (whilst watching a TV programme) I had the contents of a drawer and one cupboard out of a unit in our front room.

I did take photos first!

2 hours later .... 2 TV programmes under my belt. Did throw some things away. Did find some things I had forgotten I had!! Did move some things elsewhere.

But .... both drawer and cupboard don't look much different :(

Sigh .... see I'm a hopeless case :)