Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tutorial - Crown Stitch

Crown Stitch was a new one to me so I have created a tutorial to share - hope it is helpful!
Each stitch is a stand-alone unit made up of several steps.  Your first step is to bring your needle up through the fabric where you want the top of the stitch to be.  Take the needle down at a spot parallel and to the right, bringing it up again down below and in the centre as illustrated above.  Do not pull your thread tightly - you want this first straight stitch section to be shaped like a bowl.

In the second step you will take your needle down directly below from where it came up, creating a vertical straight stitch.  Bring your needle up again at the upper end of this straight stitch, a tiny bit to the left.

The third step is to take your needle down at a spot below and to the left, creating another straight stitch angling from the top end of the straight stitches to the left.  Take a horizontal bite of fabric, bringing your needle up an equal distance to the right of the first straight stitch.
Create this third vertical straight stitch (and last step) by taking your needle down again at the top end of the vertical straight stitches, slightly to the right.  If you bring your needle up again a bit to the right of the first rounded stitch, you will be set up in place to start your next crown stitch.

And here you are starting all over again on your next crown stitch.  I`m not to sure if it looks like a crown to me but there it is.  I hope this has been helpful!  Even if my words are not clear, I hope the photos are.

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