Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bountiful Beginnings Novice Round Robin - Misty's Block

This was an unusual round robin in that I ended up acting as round robin angel for two different stitchers in it so this is the second time I have worked on this block.  The first time I had it I worked down the right hand side:  the black lace motif, the three dimensional butterfly, the button cluster and the parasol filled with silk ribbon flowers.  When the block came back to me again, it was mostly full so I just filled in where I found a space here and there.  I added the dyed and glittered lace bird at the bottom middle and the cretan stitch seam meandering up to the left of it.  In the top left hand corner I added a piece of Nicki Lee's beautiful hand dyed lace with little pearls and down below a bit one of Gerry's gorgeous hand painted buttons.  Other than that it was just filling in the blanks.

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Peg said...

Mmmm - I love crazy quilts, and this one is gorgeous!