Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ahh Moments

Do you know what I mean when I say "Ahh Moments"?  It is when out of the blue something nice happens and you can't do anything but just say "ahh...".  I had that happen to me a couple times yesterday which makes it a very good day.
First of all, on my blog travels yesterday I was surprised to see my photo on my friend Cathy's blog, Crazy by Design.
Cathy  Kizerian (rhymes with Hungarian) is a good friend and we have been the moderators together, along with Leslie and Hideko, of Crazy Quilting International for a good while now.  Cathy is a very talented lady with a wonderful blog and also a whole lot of fun.  Here she is modeling one of the kimonos that Hideko brought for us from Japan to the last CQI retreat.  It was a lovely surprise and a real ahh moment to read what Cathy said about me on her blog yesterday when she was writing about new year resolutions.

At my workshops, I let my students take home any fabric they may need to finish what they are working on.  After all, I don't have any shortage of stash!  lol  I am always pleasantly surprised when they come to me later to return whatever bits of fabric are leftover and it was one of these packages I was taking out of my bag yesterday when I discovered this note inside.  I thought it was just so sweet that Sue took the time to write me a note telling me she enjoyed the class and to include the gift of some vintage sequins.  Another ahh moment!

It is little moments like this that make life so pleasant sometimes and I wonder if perhaps we should all be making an effort to create ahh moments in the lives of those we come in contact with more often.  I can see another new year goal being added to my list here...


Peg said...

Aaah - how nice!!

Cathy K said...

Ahhhh is right! OMG, you didn’t really need to “retaliate”!! LOL You are very special to me, and I don’t take the time to let you know that nearly often enough. ((((Big hugs))), Cathy