Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bloodhound Puppies!

Well, here he is, king of my darling daughter's little world:  Duke.  As you can see, we have very strict rules about a dog's place in the world and have him well trained to stay off the furniture, etc.  HA!

Little does Duke know as he lays here, that he is about to become a big brother!


Yes, that's right, Dukie, soon you will not be the only one living in Katie's heart!  Today I sent her off with my debit card to pick out her Christmas present.

 Before she got to meet Duke's potential sibling though, she got to meet the Baby Momma!  She's got a sweet disposition and is very friendly.

She is stockier than Duke even though her owners say she has lost a lot of weight throughout her pregnancy.

Hmmm... seems to be tougher all around what with this outdoorsy attitude!  Duke runs outside for a quick pee in the winter and then wants right back in.  He's been telling us bloodhounds don't like the cold.

They do have one thing in common - they are both hams for the camera.  Is this a pose or what?

Nope - she's not dead - likely just dead tired because of all the trials and tribulations of motherhood!

Or maybe she's having a hot flash?  I know I feel like going outside and doing this fairly often!  Anyway, I bet you are ready to see puppies now, right?

Awwww......  And really, how much trouble could one more dog be?  Look at this picture - it's not like puppies chew or anything, right? 

Okay, so one more thing off my Christmas list!  I am so excited for when he gets to come home!


Ruby said...

Oh! I love puppies but I'm glad he's coming to your house not mine!!! Merry Christmas! :)

Laurie said...

Kerry, how cute is that!! Duke is so handsome, the puppies mom is gorgeous, and oh those puppies!! What a tough decision~!

Marilyn said...

Well, Kerry, it's a good thing you didn't send me out with your debit card - I wouldn't be able to pick just one (Grin). Good to see that Duke knows his proper place - sharing a bed with one bloodhound can't be any worse than shariing with 2 rottis.

FredaB said...

Hi Kerry

How adorable are those puppies and wha a wonderful Christmas gift for your daughter. Don't tell my daughter as she might just get the idea 2 is better then 1 also.



Cathy K said...

Awwwwww..... they ALL (even the adults) look so cute and lovable! Please show us pictures of the pup when Katie brings him/her home! Hugs, Cat

Anonymous said...

TOTALLY the cutest...wonderful pictures! It almost feels like i would recognize them if they were on my street.....cuteeeeee cute cute!If i didn;t have two already these would make me want to get one!