Monday, December 20, 2010

Dexter has Landed!

This is my daughter, Katie, with her Christmas present, Dexter.  He arrived a week ahead of Christmas and has been busy fitting right into the household and figuring out his place in things.  Dexter is eight weeks old and Katie's second bloodhound.  Happily both the bloodhounds are getting along really well and becoming fast friends.

You might think I am crazy bringing yet another dog into the house, but how could anyone resist a face like this?  lol


Cathy K said...

Dexter IS a cutie! And the picture of Katie is just darling!!

Carol said...

I don't know how many dogs you have, but dogs are pack animals and are happier when there are at least two. Dexter is so cute. And you can see she's happy too.
Merry Christmas.

bubbygigi said...

I love Dexter and can understand how you wanted to add him to your household. He's such a cutie and every child needs a puppy to love. You made the right choice. What a great Christmas present! Gita