Friday, December 3, 2010

My DYB Pansy Blocks are Home!

I was very happy to participate in the Pansy DYB Round Robin at CQI.  Pansies are one of my favourite flowers and stitching in this theme has been a delight.  As the round robin draws to a close, my blocks have come home to me and I couldn't be happier with them.
This first block was stitched for me by Arlene in Australia.  Arlene makes the loveliest large ribbon pansies and I am lucky enough to have this purple one on my block from her.  Other highlights include the hand-dyed leaves in the bottom left corner and the sparkling dragonfly.
This block was done for me by Cathy in Iowa.  I am always making these three dimensional butterflies for others, so Cathy thought I might like one for myself.  She was right!  I always love crocheted motifs like these pansies as well, since I am not a crocheter myself.
Alice made this block for me and added a silkie from one of Carolyn's watercolours.  Alice has outlined it in tatting which she tea dyed for a vintage look.  I like the way Alice picked up on the fabrics and accented them - the beaded bodies for the dragonflies, the beads on the butterfly fabric and the additions to the batik fabrics - very cool!
This is the block Carolyn did - awesome!  The velvet pansy applique is so lovely.  I'm adding a photo of this one to my files for future inspiration - I just love the way Carolyn has made it.  The seams are beautiful and there is a darling yellow butterfly in the corner.
This beauty was stitched by Lisa, and she really outdid herself with the beautiful ribbon pansies all over the place.  Lisa also does beautiful seam treatments and it's a treat to see them in person.
Here is the last block - this one was shared between all the stitchers so everyone did some of it.  So many things to admire on this block, a bit of the best of all the other blocks.  It is a great collaboration. So, now it will be up to me to decide what to do with these blocks.  I am thinking maybe a small wall hanging? 

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Suztats said...

They're beautiful, and will make a wonderful wall hanging!