Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whazzit Contest! Day Two

I wonder if there is a winner yet?  Have you taken a guess at what this item is?  Enter by leaving your guess in a comment on this post (limit of one guess per person per day) and when I get back we will find out who was the first one to come up with the answer.  As you read this, I am already shopping for the prize on my way to Colorado.


Anonymous said...

LOL I have to say we have sent the last two hours literally trying to figure out the first picture, everyone in my house wanted to look at the picture and guess and think and search for what they thought it was, my 17 year old and my son who is 14 and his friend who is also 14.

We noticed on the first photo it had what looked like hooks, just when we came to our decision for our first guess for the original picture you posted a second picture LOLOL. They all came running when I said you posted a new pic. So we are guessing a hand cranked knitting machine.

Have a great trip Kerry! And thanks for the family fun:)

Ann Flowers

Barb said...


Suztats said...

Is it an old treadle sewing machine?

Carol said...

Is this some kind of weaving machine?