Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going Away Party

These two gorgeous kids are my darling grandchildren, Allie and Sam.  They are heading off to England to spend a year with their Dad on Saturday so there was a going away party for them this last weekend.  The ice cream cake I had made at DQ was a big hit - I thought the girl who decorated it did a great job putting my ideas on the cake.

Melinda and her children were at the party as well.  Bobbi, Sam and Allie`s mom and my son`s better half, and Melinda have been friends forever and their children have grown up together.  It shows - can`t you feel the love in this picture?

This is Sam again chowing down! 

Here are Sam and Allie, opening their little goodbye cards and gifts from us.  That is my son, Sean, over on the left.  I love watching him watching the kids - you can tell how much he loves them just by looking at his face.

The party was a barbeque - here is the feast on display!  Bobbi is such a great cook - even hot dogs and hamburgers are special when she makes them!  Really!  The hamburgers were to die for!

These are my guys:  son, Sean, and husband and love of my life, Gary.  Since it was a Sunday afternoon they spent a lot of the party on the sofa watching football. 

It was a lovely party.  Bobbi`s parents, Cheryle and Pat, were there too and it is always great to see them.  Great party... but I`m trying not to think about the reason for it too much!  I am going to miss these kids so much - I know I`ll be a blubbering mess when I go to see them off at the airport.

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