Friday, September 24, 2010

Carolyn's Under the Sea RR Block

I have been working on Carolyn's Under the Sea block and thought I would share a detail from the main motif that has been taking most of the time.  I love clown fish and their relationship with sea anemones so that is what I have attempted to create.  The clown fish was embroidered on a separate piece of fabric with DMC floss.  The sea anemone was created with a chenille yarn.  I did the back half of the anemone first and then stitched down the clown fish and added the rest of the anemone on top.  The sea anemone left a little to be desired but I think the idea is there - have to use your imagination!  lol 
Sea anemones and clown fish have a symbiotic relationship.  Clown fish are able to live with certain types of anemones without being stung and are protected in this way.  In return, they feed off leftovers and algae on the anenome and create better water circulation for the anemone by moving around.


Marja said...

so nice!!!,,nemo,,.

Darlene said...

Looks great Kerry!

Cathy K said...

Kerry, it’s waaay cute and I love the idea!! You are so clever! See you in a week! Hugs, Cat

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Your stitching of the clown fish is wonderful. I love your anemone. Very cool!

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