Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Stitching on Ely`s Block & Random Musings

The world`s slowest stitcher (that would be me!) has done a bit more work on Ely`s block.  I had a hankerchief saved in my stash which I thought had the prettiest initial E on it so I had to find a way to incorporate it.  In the end,  I cut the initial out in a circle, backed it with a bit of quilt batt and appliqued it onto the block with buttonhole stitch.  To trim out the edge of the applique I ruched some green silk ribbon and attached it using pearls. 

I admit to finding this block a challenge, which is the point of round robins as far as I am concerned of course!  The block has a lot of little strip pieces and the fabrics are all beautiful but busier than what I am used to working with.  Many of the fabrics are preembroidered, sequined or heavily patterned.  I don`t want to distract from the beauty of the fabrics so I that is my challenge.  On this lovely strip of pink pre-embroidered fabric, I tried to accomplish this goal by incorporating my design with the existing flowers.  I stitched a spider web for luck, anchoring it to the plants embroidered on the fabric, and then built a little spider on a nearby branch.  I like the way the motif worked.

On a completely different topic, one of the enjoyable aspects of being home from the summer job is being able to haunt my favourite thrift store again.  On my treasure hunt there this week, I found this cute little Heartwood Creek store.  It is now serving as a handy little bookend on my computer desk.  It makes me smile so was well worth the $2 I paid for it.

While I was in town running errands, I also picked up this new Continuing Education class schedule for the Fall and Winter.

And what did I find inside the new class schedule?  Yes indeed - proof I am following through on those new year resolutions!  As soon as I have time to think about it, I am sure I will have butterflies in my tummy about teaching this class!  Right now I am so busy that I don`t have time to get nervous.  I think it is a help to have been blessed to take classes from some outstanding teachers myself - Tanya Berlin, Dakotah Rogers, Bunty Severs, etc. I know which teachers I enjoyed the most and learned the most from, so I have great examples to follow.  I am keeping a positive attitude about this class and am already discussing teaching a workshop for The Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts later in the fall.

I was studying Christine Dabbs`wonderful Crazy Quilting book and left it sitting on the kitchen table the other night.  Now that Duke Ellington, the bloodhound,  has started eating my treasured stitching items again, I know I am really home!  I am now trying to distract Duke with a new type of chewie I picked up at the pet store this week.  It is a piece of elk antler - he seems to be really enjoying it.

This weekend has turned into quite the little social time with two parties I would have missed if I had gone through with my BC trip so they are providing some consolation.  Yesterday we attended a great end-of-the-season get together at Little Bow Campground.  In attendance were those who work at Little Bow, Travers, Carseland-Windham and McGregor campgrounds as well as support staff.  It was a great opportunity to meet the folks we talk to on the phone all summer.  The bosses, Mirko and Maria, prepared a feast for us - a wonderful roast pig as well as a couple Croation taste sensations and everyone brought salads.  Delicious!  This is DD, Katie, and Howard, who works at Travers Reservoir Campground.  They have become fast friends this summer!

What`s a party without calories?  lol  Katie spent longer admiring her piece of Black Forest cake than she did eating it!  I think she may have absorbed the calories mostly by osmosis!  lol

Well, that was my Saturday!  I hope you had a wonderful one too, and that today is another great day!


MosaicMagpie said...

Oh to live near the High River Culture Centre... I know exactly where I would be on Monday Nights. I am glad to hear you have challenges, as well, with not knowing what stitches to put on certain fabrics. The inital used from the handkerchief was a great idea.

Laurie said...

Congratulations on your class Kerry, wish I could take it!
I understand what you mean about challenging blocks, my sister and I are in Inspiring Images RR and also are in the same boat! She's come up with good ideas though, and having seen the block, my head is thinking so when I get it, I'll know what I'm going to do!

Darlene said...

I am so jealous of your little quilt shop find.. your work on Ely's block is beautiful.... Just in case I have never said it before, thanks for all the work you do on CQI.

Cathy K said...

Wow, what a FUN post. Where do I start?!? I love the initial you appliqued to Ely’s block and especially love the rouched green trim. It’s perfect! And what a brilliant idea to play off the already-embroidered fabric on the other piece. Congrats on your teaching; I hope you keep us posted on how that goes. Well, I know you will. What a great way to find local stitching friends. Now I want to do that! And finally, what a darling picture of Katie! Hey, dearie, we’re counting down - just a bit over two weeks until we see each other again! Yeah!! Hugs, Cathy

Marilyn said...

Congrats on your class, Kerry. I never make resolutions cause I never manage to keep them. I wish High River were closer but it's a long way to drive for a course, especially when I don't drive at night any more.