Monday, September 27, 2010


I am eyeing up a round robin signup at CQI for a Steampunk theme.  I may succumb to temptation and put my name down.  With this in mind, I have started collecting odds and ends for it.  So far, I have these wonderful clock faces I ordered that arrived the other day.  Don`t they look like fun? 

I also found a strange little piece of metal, kind of a double spring,  while vacuuming - I think it is part of a tv remote that Duke ate last week.  Wonder what I can do with it?  I`ll find a way to use it I think.


Rachel said...

It would be really great to see Steampunk reinterpreted in stitchery. I tend to associate it with carpentry!

Laurie said...

OK, I need to look into steampunk, haven't a clue what it is! Can't wait til you girls get back and share your pictures and experiences with us unfortunate souls!!